beauty and the beast 2017 review

before i say anything, i have to point out that i was pleasantly surprised by how much i liked this movie. but there were some bumps in the road on the way to liking it.

i was expecting to absolutely hate this movie. when i found out emma watson was playing belle, i was extremely disappointed. i thought she didn’t have the right “look” for belle. she didn’t seem like she could portray belle’s strong, intelligent, beautiful, kind, and forgiving personality. another BIG reason i did not think she was right for the part was… SHE IS BRITISH. BELLE IS FRENCH. which even though i came around to liking it, it still bothered me throughout the entire movie. it almost felt like disney just cast her because she has a big fanbase and not because of her ability to play the part. but, i thought josh gad was such a good fit for lefou, and i was okay with luke evans as gaston. ewan mcgregor for lumiere seemed a little out there. these were all my initial thoughts and i still stand by them.

now onto the trailers. the teaser trailer obviously didn’t show too much but it was very visually appealing. i loved how similar the castle looked to the original. but, the few seconds of lumiere’s voice did not impress me or the rest of my family. in fact it became a little inside joke. me and my brothers would blurt out “what if she is the one” in his very fake accent lol! the rest of the trailers made me more excited to see the movie. BUT, the trailer with the ‘belle’ reprise was very disappointing. after hearing emma watson’s (very obviously auto tuned) singing voice, i could not believe that disney would cast her. but, i got over it and obviously still wanted to see the movie.

**SPOILER ALERT** the first scene it quite strange. it tells the story of how the prince turned into a beast. the prince is obviously a spoiled brat. but beware, the prince is wearing weird makeup that could quite possibly scare children. i don’t know why he’s wearing it, maybe to represent that he’s a beast… i don’t even know but it didn’t seem necessary. the next scene is in the village and starts with ‘belle’. once again i was not fond of emma watson’s singing voice, but i did enjoy the look of the town, which was very similar to the original. and of course gaston and lefou are introduced in this scene and i really liked them. at first, gaston seemed like he actually liked belle, unlike the original where he just wanted her as a prize. i was a little worried that i would actually end up liking gaston rather than hating him and wanting him to fall of a cliff. but, don’t worry gaston changed my mind real quick. i did really enjoy the song ‘gaston’. i thought luke evans portrayed gaston so well, and his singing voice was spot on. i also liked the closeness of belle and her father in this version. the CGI was okay. there were some parts that almost looked like animation but overall it was pretty good. i really liked that a little more romance was added for beast and belle. it was very sweet. and as for the objects i liked them all. lumiere got annoying at times, but i absolutely loved cogsworth. there were some things i wish they hadn’t added and some things i am glad they added. but overall, nothing was as bad as i thought. and there were many things that i was very happy about. i think that’s all of my main thoughts. obviously i have many more, but i’m sure you’re already bored. and just remember these are just my opinions. i’m sorry if anything i said offended you. hope you enjoyed my thoughts. xoxo, corinne


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