first blog post

hi! this is my first blog post and i know this blog probably won’t be professional… at all. especially considering that i WILL NOT use capital letters. unless its, you know, for emphasis :). i really wanted an outlet where i can express my feelings and opinions on makeup, new disney movies, disney world, etc. i mention in the “about” page that i have a youtube channel (corinne e). i made that channel to talk about makeup. it was great and i loved it, but then life happened. i moved so it took a look of time to get our new house put together, i no longer had a place to put my filming lights in, but the main thing was that school started. it began to take up too much time to even attempt to set up my filming stuff. but, i recently started really wanting to start it up again. i thought “hey i could start a blog, that would make it much easier to post content and i could make it now!” so here i am, trying my best to have a fun blog. honestly, i don’t care about how successful this page is. i mainly made it for me to write down my thoughts and maybe someone can stumble along this page and find it interesting. but, yeah! more posts are soon to come! xoxo, corinne.


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