best brush cleanser ever

as i am obsessed with makeup, i am always wanting to go to ulta and walk around the whole store (and swatch everything in sight). i stumbled across the it cosmetics brush bath i remembered that a youtuber had said how amazing it was and i had to try it out myself. this product is made to deep clean your makeup brushes in just a few seconds. all you have to do is spray your brush, and let that sit for a few seconds. the cleaner draws out the dirty makeup, then you are supposed to wipe off the residue with a towel or tissue and the results are amazing. the brush is almost completely clean and dry! i was already amazed by how well this did with eyeshadow brushes, but then i tried it with a foundation brush… this brush was so full of foundation that nothing would come out when i washed it. i sprayed it a couple of times and BOOM it was clean. from that point on i knew my makeup life had changed forever. i cannot say enough good things about this. i highly highly highly suggest the brush cleanser. it’s so much less of a hassle than hand washing your brushes, and the outcome is the same, if not better. hope you enjoyed this post and my recommendation. xoxo, corinne.


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