disney world resort hotels

if you are familiar with disney world’s hotels, you will know that there are 3 main types: value, moderate, and deluxe. i will start with the value resorts.

value hotels are obviously the cheapest option, but there are down sides to staying in one of these resorts. we have stayed at pop century and the all star resorts. so we have learned a lot about the value resorts. each disney world resort has a certain theme. the value resorts’ decoration always seems to be a little outdated, and they don’t seem to be as into the theme. let’s just say these resorts aren’t quite as magical. these resorts are better suited for people who are wanting to stay at the parks all day and only sleep in the hotel. so because of that reason, the rooms are very small. there usually isn’t a door to the bathroom, just a curtain. of course there is a door for the actual shower, but you know what i mean. it can get crowded real fast if more than one person needs to use the sink, and so on. but, these resorts do have direct transportation to the parks. i think that these hotels would be great for you if you only want to be at the parks. some people don’t care about spending time in the hotel rooms. these are a lot more affordable than the other resorts and still have the transportation needed to get to the parks.

now on to the moderate resorts. we have stayed at port orleans and caribbean beach. we loved them both. the main thing we loved about them is that there was an internal shuttle. all of the resorts are very big. if you are at the back of the resort, it is a very long walk to the lobby. but, these resorts have a bus stop at each section to take you to the lobby. it is so nice! these hotels are overall a lot nicer. the rooms are a lot better themed, and the scenery is fantastic. in caribbean beach, there is actually a sand beach on each section of the hotel. there are also nicer restaurants in the hotel, they are overall themed beautifully. if you are wanting to spend any time in your resort i suggest the moderate resorts. while they are more expensive, there are more things to do. in fact, just walking around the resort is fun!

lastly, there are the deluxe resorts. i have never stayed in one, and i doubt i ever will. i think the only time i would consider staying in one is for something like a honey moon. if i were to recommend one, it would have to be the polynesian. i just think the theming is so cool and ohana is an amazing restaurant. actually, pretty much every deluxe hotel has a great restaurant. i believe these are the only hotels with interior corridors. but, i think that they are just too expensive, especially when you are already paying so much for the tickets into the parks. but these are just my opinions. i hope this helped you if you were wanting to learn more about the resorts. xoxo, corinne.


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