my love for disney world

ever since i was a little girl, i have loved disney! we used to go to disney world about every two years. i always had such a good time and have so many magical memories. the last time we went was in 2012, and in september of 2016 my mom surprised us and told us we were taking a trip to disney world! as you can imagine, we were all so excited. i, of course, was the most excited. my littlest brother couldn’t remember much from the previous trips, so he didn’t really know what to expect. he hates pretty much any kind of ride and was worried that we were going to make him ride the scary ones. my other brother did remember some and was also excited. but, still nothing compared to me. when i found out, i immediately started pintresting and watching youtube videos. i found some great tips and knew everything that i wanted to do (restaurants, rides, fast passes, etc.) i am also an obsessive planner and wanted to have a strict plan, but my mom thought we should just play it by ear. we compromised and had a flexible plan. we had a great trip and we were all so happy. i actually vlogged some of it, so i might be uploading on my youtube channel soon. after we got back from disney world i was still in “disney mode”. i literally listened to disney music every day. to make everything even better, i had a gymnastics meet in january at DISNEY WORLD! my mom and i ended up going, and i couldn’t believe it! two trips in 6 months. WHAT!?!? we had done so much on the last trip; ate at our favorite restaurants, rode all the rides, and shopped ’till we dropped. so this trip we wanted to devote to taking all kinds of pictures, meeting characters, and just taking in the magic. we ended up having another great trip, and being in DISNEY WORLD WITH MY BEST FRIENDS was a literal dream come true! i will forever cherish every memory i have ever made at disney world. i hope to share some memories, thoughts, and opinions on my blog as well. hope you enjoyed this post. many, many more are soon to come. xoxo, corinne.


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