too faced white chocolate chip palette review

i recently received this palette as a gift from a friend. i have read some mixed reviews on it, so i want to share my own opinions.

i actually really like this palette. the formula is the same as any other too faced eyeshadow. i really like their shimmer shades, but the mattes can get patchy. if you are familiar with some of the too faced palettes you will know that they usually have a scent. there are multiple chocolate bar palettes and a peach palette. the cool part is that you can actually tell that this palette is white chocolate!


while reading reviews, people said that the palette is too small. i actually disagree. i understand that some people think that the eyeshadow pan size is too small. i can see that because they are smaller, but when you actually think about it, it is very rare to run out of an eyeshadow. anyways, this palette is a great size for travel. the packaging is very cute, and it has a pretty good sized mirror, too. but my one complaint about the palette is, even though it is a good size for travel, i would not be able to travel with just this palette. the selection of colors in this palette would be hard to create a full eyeshadow look. i always have to go into other palettes for crease shades. there are only four matte shades and they are all too light for the crease. but i really love the shimmers, there are some very pretty and unique colors.

overall, i like the palette, the size is good for travel, the formula is pretty good, and i like the color selection. but, while i like the colors in the palette, i think they should have added more matte shades. and that’s pretty much all i have to say. these are my opinions on the palette. i hope you enjoyed. xoxo, corinne.


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