magic kingdom park overview

while reading over my other blog posts, i realized that some people may not know much about disney world and the parks. i am going to have a blog post for each of the parks. these will just be overviews of the parks. i will talk about the different parts of each park, how much time to spend there, and much more. of course the first one i will be talking about is magic kingdom!


magic kingdom is the park that most people think of when they think of walt disney world. this park has the famous Cinderella Castle. when you first enter the park, you will be on Main Street U.S.A.. this street has cute shops and restaurants, and leads to the castle. once you are at the castle, you are at what is called the “hub.” this “hub” has many paths which lead to the different lands: adventure land, frontier land, liberty square, fantasy land, and tomorrow land. this is the park that best represents the “disney magic.” all of the different lands are perfectly themed and decorated.


adventure land has a few different rides including; pirates of the caribbean, jungle cruise, the magic carpets, enchanted tiki room, and swiss family treehouse. there is a jungle island theme to this area of the park. pirates is definitely a favorite for me. i like exploring this “land” during the day.


frontier land is another “land” that i recommend seeing during the day. this part of the park has rides like thunder mountain, splash mountain, and country bear jamboree. thunder mountain is my favorite ride in this area. the theme is obviously a western, frontier theme. for me, the rides are the only things that i enjoy in this area.


liberty square has more picture opportunities. there are a few rides and shows in this area. there is the haunted mansion, the riverboat, and the hall of presidents. there are also quite a few places to eat or grab snacks in this area. haunted mansion is always better at night, but i think you can miss some special things in this area if you are not in the daylight.


fantasy land has recently been refurbished. this has become a very popular part of magic kingdom. there are many rides and there’s no way i can list them all. a few of my favorites are under the sea with the little mermaid, philhar magic, seven dwarves mine train, and goofy’s barnstormer. there are also some good restaurants in fantasy land, including the best (in my opinion) of magic kingdom, be our guest! this is the most magical part of magic kingdom and there are so many great photo opportunities. i definitely think this part of magic kingdom is best in the evening, once the sun has started setting. that being said, i like going to the circus area at night.


tomorrow land is a great land to explore at night. there are some really good rides in this area, including space mountain, buzz lightyear, the people mover, and monsters inc. laugh floor. i love all of these rides. but they can sometimes have really long wait times. this is a classic part in the magic kingdom, but i hope that this is the next thing to be refurbished. some of the rides are a little outdated compared to the rest of the park.

it is a known fact that most people in the magic kingdom turn right when at the hub. these people are entering tomorrow land. however, i recommend turning left, not just because of the crowds, but also because of the timing. if you turn left, you will enter adventure land. if you go clockwise from there, you will go to frontier land, liberty square, fantasy land, and then tomorrow land. this is the order i recommend. you will be at adventure land, frontier land, and liberty square during the daytime. while you are in fantasy land, the sun will be starting to set, and tomorrow land will be at night.

i think that anyone who plans to stay at disney world for 4 or more days should try to spend more than one day in magic kingdom. there is so much magic to take in and you will be needing more than one day. if you are staying for four days, i recommend spending half a day at animal kingdom and then heading to magic kingdom and watch the fireworks.


speaking of fireworks… you HAVE to see the fireworks over the castle. no matter how old you are or how many times you have seen it, you have you see the fireworks. there is nothing more magical than seeing those fireworks over the castle, going along to the classic, ‘when you wish upon a star’. that being said, during the fireworks is a great time to ride the rides with the longest waits. by this time, people are either watching the fireworks or have already left. most wait times are half of what they usually are at this time. i also have a lot of fast pass recommendations for magic kingdom but i will save that for another post. i hope you enjoyed this overview of the magic kingdom, and i hope it gave you some helpful tips. until next time, corinne.


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