EPCOT overview

this is the second out of four parts to this “overview” series. today’s post is about EPCOT. a lot of people think of this park as “boring” or “lame”, but there are so many things to do. epcot is more geared towards adults and can get boring for kids. i remember not liking this park as much when i was younger, but i have grown to love it now that i’m older.


the first thing you are going to see when you enter the park is the iconic epcot ball. there is actually a ride called spaceship earth inside this ball. this is an educational ride that goes through different time periods throughout history. once you pass spaceship earth, there is a beautiful fountain. surrounding this fountain, there are different stores, restaurants, and character spots. this is just the beginning to this park.


the whole front half of this park is called future world. most of the rides are in this area of the park. there are different pavilions in future world themed around space, the sea, and the land. most children would like this area of the park the best. there are some great rides like; mission space, test track, soarin, and the seas with nemo and friends. unfortunately, these rides have the longest wait times.

2016-10-01 022

the world showcase is in the back of the park. there are many pavilions that are themed for different countries. there is norway, china, germany, italy, america, japan, morocco, france, the united kingdom, and canada. each country has unique food options and great photo opportunites. there are so many great restaurants to chose from. there are not as many rides in this area, except for a very popular one, frozen ever after. at the end of the night, there is a firework and water show called illuminations on the lake that is surrounded by the world showcase. this is a great way to end a day at epcot.

2017-01-22 C1075

i think everyone should spend at least one day at epcot. depending on how busy it is, it may take you all day just to ride all of the rides. i recommend spending one day to ride rides, eat at a sit down restaurant, and watch illuminations. then, if you have some extra time, spend half a day at the world showcase; taking pictures and trying the snacks. if you have kids with you, this is not a necessity. kids will most likely complain about being bored the whole time (i know i did). but now, our family loves epcot, even though some people say it is a boring park. once you start to explore, you will find out that there is so much to do. i hope you enjoyed this simple overview of epcot. i will have more detailed posts on things such as fastpass and dinning recommendations soon. xoxo, corinne.


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