hollywood studios overview

welcome to the third out of four parts of this “overview” series. this post will be about hollywood studios! this park is the smallest out of the four disney parks, as of right now. there is a lot of construction going on for star wars land and toy story land. but, even though this park is small right now, it still has so much character and is a must do park.


when you first enter the park, you will be on hollywood boulevard, which leads to the great movie ride. this street has very cute shops and restaurants and is one of my favorite parts about this park. near the end of this street there is the center stage, where the star wars shows are shown. surrounding this area are the animation courtyard, pixar place, commissary lane, and echo lake.


animation courtyard has the little mermaid show, the disney junior show, one man’s dream, and the star wars launch bay. the little mermaid show is a great show that i highly recommend. the disney junior show is a great show for kids and i loved it when i was little. i have never done the “one man’s dream” tour/show, but it is somewhat of a museum of Walt’s life. the star wars launch bay has a quick film that i made the mistake of watching. this video is basically 30 minutes of watching people talk about how much they love star wars. it’s a big waste of time. but, in another part of the launch bay there are meet and greets for chewbacca and kylo ren. these meet and greets are very unique and i highly recommend them.


next to animation courtyard, there is the pixar place. this holds toy story mania and the toy story character meet and greet. when you hear the name “pixar place”, you may think that it would be themed with multiple pixar films, but it only has toy story, as of right now. this area is kind of tucked in a corner behind the center stage. the meet and greet is great for kids who love toy story, but can sometimes have a long wait. toy story mania usually has a long wait too. but, this ride is definitely worth the wait. i recommend riding this during one of the star wars shows. we were actually able to walk right on during the firework show.


commissary lane has a few restaurants and a meet and greet with mickey and minnie. the quick service restaurant, ABC commissary is not that great, but it is hard to find a good quick service. sci-fi dine in is one of my favorite restaurants. they have decent food and a great dinning experience. i also really like the meet and greet because it isn’t just plain mickey and minnie, it is sorcerer mickey and red carpet minnie. they are so fun, and i absolutely love sorcerer mickey.


commissary lane also leads to muppet courtyard. this area had the muppets show and a couple restaurants. i don’t know much about this area. i have never done the show, but it is basically just a 30 minutes long, 3D muppets show. there is also a pizza place and an italian place. i have never been to either of these places, so i cannot tell you what they’re like.


echo lake has the most shows and rides surrounding it. there are frozen, star wars, and indiana jones shows. the frozen show is a sing along which is great for little “let it go” lovers. the star wars show actually brings kids onto the stage and trains them to be jedi. the indiana jones show is a really cool stunt show which is probably my favorite. there is also star tours which is a 3D simulator ride. this ride usually won’t have as long of a wait as some of the other rides, but it is still a must do for me. there are so many restaurants in this area. the one i would recommend is the 50’s prime time cafe they have a really great 50’s theme from the food to the waitresses.


all of these areas are near the back of the park. but, you can turn right off of hollywood boulevard onto sunset boulevard. sunset boulevard holds two of the greatest thrill rides in disney world: tower of terror and rock ‘n’ rollercoaster, and there are a few shops and snack carts at the beginning of the street. near the end of this street, there is the entrance to fantasmic, the beauty and the beast theater, rock ‘n’ roller coaster, and tower of terror. fantasmic is probably my favorite firework show in disney world. this is a great water show that also has some fireworks. i highly, highly, highly recommend seeing this show. you CANNOT miss it! and as for the beauty and the beast show, i used to like it when i was little, but it seems like it needs to be updated. now, i have saved the best for last. tower of terror is my absolute favorite ride in disney world, maybe ever. my favorite thing about roller coasters is flying out of your seat, and you do this A LOT. but, i think the theming is my favorite part of it. whenever you are looked into the room and watch the short film i get chills. if you like thrill rides you definitely need to ride this. rock ‘n’ rollercoaster also has a really cool theme, aerosmith. this rollercoaster goes from 0 to 57 in 3 seconds and has multiple loops. this is also a must do ride for thrill seekers.

hollywood studios is one of my favorite parks and holds some of my favorite rides. i definitely suggest spending at least one day to enjoy the many shows and unique restaurants in this park. i hope you enjoyed this overview of hollywood studios. my animal kingdom overview will be up soon! be sure to check out my previous overview posts. xoxo, corinne.


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